Stacey's Country Jamboree

a note from dick stacey


One might say, why now for the video?  Well, I want to tell you why.  In 2006 I got a call from CBC Radio out of Halifax asking to do an interview about Stacey’s Country Jamboree and then another call from CBC out of Toronto asking to use two songs from the album on one of their television programs.  I then talked to my good friends, Harold Boyd of Windsor, NS, Tommy O’Hearn of Lower Sackville, NS and Gerry Taylor of Saint John, NB who told me that people still remember the Jamboree. I came to the conclusion that I was wrong in thinking the Jamboree was a thing of the past. It has taken two years to bring the project to where it is ready for the market.













In 1973 a sales person from Channel 7 in Bangor called on me asking if I would buy an ad on the Country Jamboree.  I told him, only half seriously, that I wouldn’t be interested in an ad but I would buy the whole show.  He came back a couple of days later and said that I had the whole show! I had second thoughts about it, but because I had said that I would buy the whole show, I did.  There was one stipulation: it would only be for 13 weeks.  The rest is history and a decade later we were still filming the show.


Meantime, my business grew to three gas stations and a motel in Brewer across the street from Stacey’s Fuel Mart.  My biggest thrill while all this was going on was the people we met, especially in Atlantic Canada.


In 1996 a drug store chain bought the motel in Brewer and today their store still sits on the site.  I really have some memories whenever I go into that store!  


If you liked the show, no matter how good or bad the performers may have been, you will enjoy the DVDThe video consists of excerpts taken from the original tapes and at times the quality will not be as good as we would like, but I think its realness will help you enjoy what Stacey’s Jamboree was all about.

listen to wings of a dove                          listen to the ballad of dick stacey sec file 2.wma sec file.wma